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IMPLAN data can help federal government departments to assess the economic impacts on a variety of different federal programs and activities from forest management to military base operations. At the national level, IMPLAN data can be used to examine how changes in programs and policies may impact local economies, and how current industries are supporting the U.S. economy. Combined with other tools IMPLAN data can be used to examine the potential effects of policy changes, new technologies and estimate potential carbon footprints, as well as, estimate the impacts of and recovery from disasters and changes in taxation regulations. Because IMPLAN tracks the tax collections associated to projects and employee spending, IMPLAN can also aid in estimating revenues associated to various projects.

*The prices listed in the online ordering system are for licensing the data within the framework of the IMPLAN Version 3.0 software. If you intend to use IMPLAN data in another modeling system, please submit information about your project to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can help you find the proper licensing for IMPLAN data used in other software products.


Here are some examples of what your department can do with IMPLAN:


Tourism & Land Management


IMPLAN was originally designed to meet the needs of the U.S. Forest Service’s reporting requirements for Forest Service land management programs. Therefore IMPLAN is well suited for looking at tourist impacts and for examining the effects of land management. For land management impacts, IMPLAN data is frequently paired with other modeling systems like FEAST.

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Published Studies:

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Agriculture Development & Subsidies


What impacts do agricultural subsidies have on the nation and specific states? How does agriculture affect the economy of nation? IMPLAN can help you see and assess the importance of agriculture to each region in the U.S. and even to the nation. When subsidy and loss numbers are known, IMPLAN Data can also be used to help assess the importance of subsidizing agriculture throughout the U.S. to both the growers and their downstream buyers.

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Published Studies:


Energy Management


Need to examine the impacts of offshore oil or look at how alternative energy sources can affect the economy? IMPLAN has been used with a variety of additional tools to help assess the positive and negative impacts of changing technologies and to examine other economic aspects of energy industries and their effects on the environment.

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Published Studies:


Hospitals and healthcare are a growing concern addressed not just by local governments but also of developing federal interest. In trying to control costs or predict the economic considerations of pandemics, IMPLAN can be helpful resource. IMPLAN can also help you to examine the economic effects of health related industries and product contamination recalls.

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Published Studies:


Health & Human Services


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The impacts of resource management can be significant and it can take considerable time to determine which project will bring about the most benefit both economically and socially for a region. IMPLAN can help assess the different economic impacts of land works projects, and allow comparison of projects across regions.

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Published Studies:

Water & Environmental

Resource Engineering


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While IMPLAN won’t directly address the combined economic and environmental impacts of various projects, it can certainly help show the economic side of the picture when additional information about the financial impacts of environmental dangers or plans are known. Additionally, when non-economic factors, such as carbon emissions, can be linked to dollar or job values, IMPLAN can be used to show how development and growth may effect such environmental factors.

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Published Studies:

Environmental Studies


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Banks, Funding & Grants


New Market Tax credits and EB-5 studies, as well as the use and availability of federal education grants are all major topics which IMPLAN can help you examine. Additionally, IMPLAN can be used to estimate how changes in banking or grants may affect other aspects of the economy.

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Disasters & Emergencies*


What are the fiscal impacts of building up emergency services and medical personnel? If a growing number of people will be in need of services of if a pandemic situation develops how can the current economy help show where gaps may need to be filled to meet future needs? While IMPLAN doesn’t have the ability to predict how the economy will develop or the amount of medical care an aging population may need, with estimates of these numbers, IMPLAN can be used to show where current deficits may be, and assist you in modeling different response situations.

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Published Studies:

Disaster Recovery: While a significant amount of work is required before IMPLAN assessments can be performed, IMPLAN can contribute to disaster recovery planning processes.

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Published Studies:

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Contribution of Industries to the National Economy


The federal government frequently may need to determine how an industry contributes to the economy, or to examine and ensure the appropriate use and distribution of funds for quazi-public programs.

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Published Studies:

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Research and development are huge drivers for the U.S. economy. It not only provides jobs but it fuels the national imagination and important technological developments. IMPLAN can help determine how federal research projects and research funding contribute to and drive U.S. economy, and the importance of continuing scientific and medical advancement.

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Published Studies:



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Military bases moving to or from a region can cause marked changes to the local economy. IMPLAN can help determine the impact to the regions where a base closure will occur or when deployment may alter the income expenditures at a base. IMPLAN can also show economic impacts associated to military action and deployment that may not be readily recognized.

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Published Studies:



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Examine the potential tax revenues generated by various business or projects. IMPLAN creates tax estimates alongside impact statements and provide results by tax type and payee type. It is important to note, however, that IMPLAN does not, at this time, use tax rates. Instead tax impacts are estimated on the basis of local distribution of tax dollars in the year of the dataset. Additionally, the model can be modified to internalize government impacts and assume that collected dollars are spent within the U.S..

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Published Studies:

Tax Revenues


*While IMPLAN can be used for studies that include social impact elements, these are not directly ascertainable through the IMPLAN, nor will IMPLAN be able to provide any qualitative understanding of problem. However, as shown in the Carbon Emissions study, the social/political impact can be tied to an economic factor like Output, IMPLAN can be used as a compliment to the social/political analysis.



If you are interested in using IMPLAN in your department and are new to the IMPLAN System, we welcome you. This next series of steps will help you in preparing to purchase IMPLAN and begin your analysis. If you already use IMPLAN and would like to see additional information, click here to jump to the next section.

The IMPLAN Economic Modeling System allows users to build regional economic models based on their actual local economy, rather than on data extrapolated solely from national or state level information. IMPLAN models allow you to work with a region that you design, whether you are interested in looking at the economy of a city, a county, an MSA, a Congressional District, a state, or a multi-state region. IMPLAN data is also updated annually, so the data you use accurately shows trends in the economy.


Step 1: Determining the Data You


In deciding what data you need, it is important to consider a number of aspects of your project’s needs and your intended audience. While your program, park or base may be located in a single city, county or state, you may want to consider your impacts on other neighboring regions. If your departments activities have strong inter-linkages with another region, you may want consider IMPLAN’s Multi-regional Analysis functions to see how changes or contributions made by your department may affect surrounding areas. In IMPLAN terms, the region you decide upon is called the Study Area.

See a breakdown of available IMPLAN Data.

When you chose your first data set you can choose to be conservative. If you decide later on that you need additional files, they can be downloaded directly through your software. If you are looking at regions involving large numbers of counties or states feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it regarding data discounts.

Step 2: Prepare Your Numbers

IMPLAN will require you to have specific inputs to drive the economic impacts. When looking at the impacts of your government’s operations, programs and services, we recommend knowing your total annual operational costs, your total employment, and your total payments to labor. IMPLAN includes a variety of additional spending patterns to assist you in showing your programs impacts to the economy.

Interested in modeling tourism and recreational spending? You will need a detailed list of what the tourists purchase in your area and how much they spend on each of these items.

If you are assessing local businesses impacts on a region, or the impacts of a potential or current businesses on tax revenues, you will need to know at least one of the following pieces of information: Industry Sales, Employment, Employee Compensation or Proprietor Income. However, it is important to keep in mind that IMPLAN’s accuracy increases when the user specifies as much of the industry’s information as possible.


Step 3: Order Your Data

Data orders can be taken by phone during our business hours, or you can use our online ordering system any time of the day or night. Want an invoice, but need to submit it for payment? You can choose the ‘Check by Mail’ option and when you complete your order. An invoice will automatically be emailed to your account.

If you are new to IMPLAN, you’ll also need the software. This is provided to new users at no additional cost when they make their data purchase.

If you would like to try to take the IMPLAN software for a trial run, you can download a demo of the IMPLAN software here.

For a current data price sheet, click here.

Step 4: Build The Model

Building an economic model for your selected region is easy with IMPLAN Version 3.0. The model building process occurs in 3 quick steps:

1.Name the Model and save it.

2.Select the desired data file(s) to be incorporated

3.Click Continue. The Model begins to build and then opens to a screen that provides you with an economic overview of your region.

Once the Model is built you can use it to view information about the economy, change Model assumptions to recreate Multipliers, or perform economic impact or contribution analyses.


Step 5: Determine Your Analysis


Depending on the type of analysis you are interested in, a variety of analysis methods and modalities may be available to you.

Which method you chose may depend on whether you are looking at private businesses or your departments operations, as well as, the level of detail available to you. When examining new businesses or future economic development, and advancing technologies, whether or not the industry you are interested in is currently present in your region, or is an available Sector in IMPLAN, may also affect how you frame your impact analysis. Since institutions don’t behave like industries in IMPLAN a few extra steps may be required to look at institutional operations.

Additionally, IMPLAN includes built in modalities to assist you with your analysis. These include deflators, Margins, regional availability of commodity purchases and net commuting estimates. IMPLAN also includes a complete set of social accounts.

Step 6: Enhance Your Skills

The IMPLAN software is easy to use, but ensuring the numbers you enter into the software are appropriate, that you are applying a method or modality correctly, and that you correctly understand your results can be more of a challenge. To assist you in this, we offer a variety of self-help and assisted options. There is always more to learn.

The Basic Support pack is provided with every IMPLAN purchase. This includes access to our online quick start guides, reference manual, and the availability of our forum support- all at no additional cost. Please note that our forum is answered by trained IMPLAN technicians, it is not simply a user to user forum.

We also provide the Level 2 Support Agreement. This purchased agreement provides you access to trained IMPLAN support agent who can assist you by phone or email with your analyses. This package also provides for some project consultation with our staff economists and a project review.

In person training is also available. MIG has an in-house computer lab, where you can come and learn tips and tricks for using the IMPLAN software. If you don’t have travel in your budget, you may also want to consider our training DVD and Principles of Impact Analysis Manual.


*While IMPLAN data is updated annually, the data year is typically one to two years behind the current calendar year. New data sets are released in December.

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Here are a few Federal Government Departments that use the IMPLAN software.

Agricultural Statistics Service
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Appalachian Regional Commission
Argonne National Laboratory
Army Corp of Engineers
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Department of Agriculture Rural Development
Department of Defense
Department of Transportation
Economic Research Services
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Reserve Bank
Fish & Wildlife Service
Forest Service
Geological Survey
International Trade Commission
Minerals Management Services
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Park Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Pacific Fishery Management Council
Sandia National Laboratories