Electricity Generation + Distribution FAQ

We get a lot of questions on how the electricity generation and distribution data is handled in IMPLAN.  The following outlines the steps.

  • First, generation by sector is gathered in Megawatt-hours (MWH) from the US Energy Information Administration
  • Next, we obtain total revenue for all electricity from the US Energy Information Administration
  • With the value from #2 and the sum of total generation from #1, we calculate a revenue per MWH value, which we multiply against the generation by sector from #1 to get an estimate of revenue by sector.
  • We then split that revenue by sector into generation vs. distribution using the share of price between generators and distributors – http://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_02_04.html.
  • Finally, we split between private, federal, state, and local based on CEW data, which have enough detail for all generation types plus distribution.



Methodology for Development of the 2017 Detailed Production Functions for IMPLAN’s Nine Electrical Power Sectors

Utility Purchases & Energy Rebates

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