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Federal Governments

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From the foundations our supporting U.S. food production to our national security, IMPLAN's products can assist you in conveying your powerful economic story and demonstrating how policy decisions made today can impact economic landscape of our country tomorrow

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State & Local Governments

From the foundations our educational systems to economic development and housing, IMPLAN's products can help you convey the powerful economic story of your daily functions and demonstrate how tax dollars collected today shape the economic and social landscape of your community tomorrow.

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Retail & Services

Retail, Wholesale and Online Trade

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Whether you are brick and mortar, a brick and click, or an e-retailer, your company's data combined with IMPLAN's can help you see beyond your Gross Margin into the vastness of the local supply chain that produces your inventory or to the companies you touch with your daily operations.

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Medical, Personal and Media Services

Medical, Personal and Media Services support nearly 85 million jobs annually. This equates to 48% of total U.S. employment and 52% of U.S. GDP. That's a powerful economic story.

Let IMPLAN assist you in conveying it. We can also help you plan, grow and diversity your business by helping you demonstrate your impact on your community's economy and use knowledge about your local economy to make smart business choices.

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Manufacturing & Transportation


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Whether it's the board room, the design shop or the shop floor, manufacturing is the base of the U.S. economy. U.S. manufacturing supports nearly 12.3 million jobs annually, approximately 6% of total U.S. employment. Plan, grow, develop and diversify your business and the local businesses you support by taking a new look at how you can put your data to work for you and your community.

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Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities

Transportation, Warehousing keeps our economy flowing, moving the goods and services produced in one part of the world to wherever they are needed to meet demand. While Utility providers keep the lights on and machines running for millions of businesses and households in the U.S.. In doing your job, your Industry supports nearly 6.2 million jobs, and approximately 4.6% of total U.S. GRP.

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Construction & Maintenance

 Construction, Maintenance & Repair

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Construction, Maintenance & Repair supports 8.84 million jobs, approximately 5% of total U.S. Employment. Whether you are constructing mixed use developments, manufacturing sites, power plants or residences, IMPLAN is an IMpact PLANning tool that can help you see your local impacts beyond the framework of your business to help you renovate the way you view your businesses' involvement in the local economy.

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Natural Resources

 Agriculture and Food Production

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Food production supports nearly 16.5 million jobs, approximately 9% of total U.S. employment. Originally developed for the USDA in 1976, IMPLAN knows forestry and agriculture and has been helping agriculture and food industries make educated decisions and illuminate the far-reaching impacts of their business practices for 35 years.

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 Mining, Quarrying, Oil Extraction and Refining

Mining, Quarrying, Oil Extraction and Refining support 1.56 million jobs and approximately 4.5% of total U.S. economic production. With today's changing manufacturing requirements, energy needs and modalities, IMPLAN can help you visualize your economic impacts. From oil spills to construction of offshore platforms, hydrofracking and the impacts of closing coal mines, the flexibility of IMPLAN's solutions will help you assess your impacts on the U.S. economy.

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IMPLAN has provided authoritative data for more than 35 years.   We provide training, support and resources to help you complete successful studies. Contact us and learn how.   We consistently create new data products and tools to meet your economic analysis needs.
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