Economic Data for Real Estate Development

Discover how IMPLAN Cloud can help you quantify the economic impact of real estate development projects.

Real Estate

Whether you want to show the economic impact of a project you’re proposing, or you want to better understand how a development that’s already underway will affect the economy, IMPLAN Cloud gives you the tools you need to understand the relationship between real estate and economics.


    • Quantify the economic impact of construction and operations
    • Negotiate for tax abatements with compelling, data-driven reports
    • Make better, more informed decisions about site selection, resource allocation, and more

“We use IMPLAN Cloud for all of our Economic Impact Analyses because it offers us advantages over other economic impact models. Other models do not show a breakdown of impacts by industry, and do not include information needed to estimate tax impacts on; counties, municipalities, special tax districts, or state and federal government. Impacts by industry and tax impacts allow us to demonstrate bottom line ROI to our clients’ stakeholders and investors. IMPLAN Cloud also allows us to conduct multi-regional modeling.”

Trygve Vigmostad, Director

National Community Development Services