Client projects vary, so the capabilities you need range considerably. IMPLAN offers personally tailored solutions to attain the required deliverable accurately and efficiently.


Your clients rely on you for accurate, convincing reports. You can trust IMPLAN to provide a solid data foundation for your analyses. Learn how IMPLAN can work for your clients’ diverse needs.


    • Ensure your reports use the most accurate and up-to-date data
    • Give your clients the peace of mind that you’re using the most trusted, comprehensive, and reliable economic impact analysis solution
    • Measure economic impacts to help your clients qualify for tax incentives
    • Find the answers you need quickly and easily, every time

“When I joined Beacon Economics, I joined a firm that has been using IMPLAN to conduct high profile economic, fiscal, and social impact analyses for nearly a decade. The software has been critical to producing insightful impact analyses that have been prized by clients ranging from the University of California to Delta Airlines to State Tourism Boards. At Beacon, we’re able to leverage IMPLAN’s vast data, modeling, and analytical applications to meet the wide-ranging needs of policymakers, industry leaders, local and state government officials, and decisionmakers from across the public and private sector. For example, Beacon was hired by three California Chambers of Commerce, each representing a racial/ethnic minority group, to analyze the importance of minority owned small businesses in the state. Using IMPLAN, I was able to pair public data on establishments and qualitative focus group data with an economic contribution model to produce a first of its kind report on how minority small businesses contribute to California’s economy. While being able to understand and analyze descriptive data on minority owned businesses was important, using IMPLAN’s data and model was critical to providing much more valuable insights. ”

Senior Research Associate, Beacon Economics

Johnathan Cahill