As the leading provider of economic impact data and analytical applications, we’ve spent decades serving the economic data needs of researchers, policy makers, decision makers, advocates, business leaders, governments, and more. 

IMPLAN has been redefining the field of economics for over 40 years. Created by academics to serve the needs of the United States Forest Service, it has been transformed today to serve as a solution-provider for anyone interested in understanding their economy. Learn more about the origin of IMPLAN. 


“Empower global communities with innovative economic intelligence and modeling solutions for informed decision-making, sustainability insights, and transformative impact.”


IMPLAN is driven by three broad categories of values. These affect every aspect of our business and practice both internally and with our customers


Building strong bonds and connecting everyone in the economic sphere.


Treating one another with kindness and courtesy, and listening to each voice as we collaborate.


Focusing on integrity and responsibility in our work to ensure reliability, truth, and transparency.


We’re always looking for passionate, motivated, and innovative individuals to join our growing team and help us make our vision a reality.

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