Find your Footprint, Advocate Your Cause

Your economic footprint extends far beyond your industry—it supports multiple facets of the economy. With IMPLAN you can quantify how vital the linkages between your industry and others are to the economic ecosystem.


Advocacy groups are always on the lookout for the best tools and offerings to provide to their members. When you need to promote a cause, quantifying your industry’s economic value is crucial. Learn how IMPLAN helps you demonstrate your contributions.


    • Strengthen your cause and drive change with data
    • Influence policy decisions through thorough economic analyses
    • Unveil new data-driven insights to develop deeper understandings of your industry’s contribution

“Using IMPLAN has enhanced my ability and confidence to accurately tell the story of our sorority’s economic impact in communities, regional activities and national meetings. IMPLAN is also great for accessing and identifying our sorority partners and preferences, thus giving us more detail as we develop strategic plans for future activities and events.”

Dr. Vereda Johnson Williams, Ph.D.

AKA Sorority, Incorporated