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Welcome to the IMPLAN Knowledge Base Wiki! This website is designed as an introductory tool for learning the IMPLAN Software and to help you navigate through the Software and to answer both basic and advanced questions regarding IMPLAN and its usage. You will find information that discusses Building a Model, running analyses and learning the operation of specific functions of the software through tutorials, case studies and exercises. In addition, the Knowledge Base Wiki is able to guide the you through selecting the appropriate regional data product, explain how that data is created and how to download your data order. The Knowledge Base also provides you with information on common errors along with their solutions, and provides a growing frequently asked questions database that will assist you alongside our Support Forum in answering your data, software and analysis concerns.

45 star  Quick Start Guides

These articles will help new you become familiar with the software and with the Model building process. These articles can also be used as a refresher for existing Users.

45 star   Reference Manual (Users Guide to the IMPLAN Software)

The Reference Manual is intended to help familiarize you with the new IMPLAN Version 3.1 Software System. It reviews every button in the software and its function and use.

45 star Exercises for Learning V3 Functions

These exercises cover a variety of IMPLAN uses and functions that you can perform along with a few case studies for practice with the IMPLAN System. Exercises include usage of all 6 Activity types.

45 star    Products 

Check out the products Implan Group LLC has to offer to help you design your analysis for a study that meets your exact needs.

45 star  Data Information  

These articles contain information on how data is created and how it can be used. FAQs related to data information are also located here.

45 star General Information

Familarize yourself with some of the basics of learning and using IMPLAN

45 star   Troubleshooting Solutions

These troubleshooting solutions will help you get past some common errors that users encounter while using the IMPLAN Software

45 star  Frequently Asked Questions about IMPLAN

Locate answers to Frequently Asked Questions about IMPLAN software and IMPLAN Data, and analysis.

45 star  Miscellaneous Articles 

 Address issues that are related to the IMPLAN site, the IMPLAN software and other information. 

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