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Unlock the potential of economic impact analysis with IMPLAN’s advanced software solutions. Whether you’re a policy maker, analyst, business executive, or researcher, IMPLAN equips you with the tools to assess and understand the ripple effects of economic changes like never before.

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Accurate Data

Leverage an extensive database of regional economic data for precise impact assessments tailored to your needs.

Robust Modeling

Utilize state-of-the-art techniques to simulate economic scenarios and confidently forecast outcomes.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate an intuitive platform designed for both beginners and experts, ensuring ease of use without compromising depth of analysis.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports and visualizations that effectively communicate findings to stakeholders and decision makers.

Client Testimonials

“With IMPLAN Cloud, you receive more than a product, you get the experience of their team! Not only do they have a phenomenal platform that is constantly being improved and updated, but as an IMPLAN customer, you receive exceptional customer service every time!”
“We use IMPLAN Cloud for all of our Economic Impact Analyses because it offers us advantages over other economic impact models. Other models do not show a breakdown of impacts by industry, and do not include information needed to estimate tax impacts on; counties, municipalities, special tax districts, or state and federal government. Impacts by industry and tax impacts allow us to demonstrate bottom line ROI to our clients’ stakeholders and investors. IMPLAN Cloud also allows us to conduct multi-regional modeling.”
“Using IMPLAN has enhanced my ability and confidence to accurately tell the story of our sorority’s economic impact in communities, regional activities and national meetings. IMPLAN is also great for accessing and identifying our sorority partners and preferences, thus giving us more detail as we develop strategic plans for future activities and events.”