Discover Economic Impact Analysis with IMPLAN

NMSU has recently teamed up with IMPLAN to offer students and professors access to the world’s leading economic impact analysis software.

IMPLAN Cloud is a software that combines data and analytics to empower greater understanding of your economic impact. IMPLAN is the leading provider of economic impact data and analytical applications. Together, our software and robust data can help you gain insight into an industry’s contributions to a region, quantify the impact of a shock to an economy, examine the effects of a new or existing business, model the impacts of expected growth or changes, or study any other event specific to the economy of a particular region and how it will be impacted. You can learn more by reading the What is IMPLAN? post on our blog.

As a NMSU student or professor, you have full access to IMPLAN Cloud as well as the IMPLAN support site and training on demand.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this resource, please fill out the form to sign up for IMPLAN orientation.