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College: Considerations when Conducting College & University Economic Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Examining the impact that a college or university has on a region is a common use case in IMPLAN, but the potential complexities warrant careful consideration when setting up and framing the study. The goal of this article is to help guide you in correctly framing your analysis and to increase awareness of some […]

MRIO: Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis When More Than One Region Includes Direct Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Sometimes you may have more complicated analyses that you want to run.  Let’s say the bank opening up in Mecklenburg County, NC from the Introduction to MRIO article will also be opening up a smaller office in York County, SC.  This can be modeled with Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) analysis to see what the effect […]

MRIO: Size of Your Impact – Questions & Concerns about Small vs. Large Study Regions

Introduction Larger study areas tend to reflect larger impacts, because larger geographies typically capture more production as ‘local’ and are subject to less in-commuting. However, analysts are occasionally surprised to find that the economy of a smaller subset region, such as a county, reflects a greater Indirect and Induced impact than that of the larger […]

MRIO: Considerations when using Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis

Building your Economic Analysis with multiple regions utilizing MRIO (Multi Regional Input/Output) enhances your study. That is, MRIO demonstrates how an impact in your Study Area disperses into other regions and allows you to see how these effects in surrounding areas create additional local effects. For each Industry, MRIO not only tracks the imports from […]

MRIO: Introduction to Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis

INTRODUCTION: Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) analysis makes it possible to track how an impact on any of the 536 IMPLAN sectors in a Study Area region affect the production of all 536 sectors and household spending in any other region in the US (state to state, county to county, zip code to zip code, county to […]

Generation and Interpretation of IMPLAN’s Tax Impact Report

Generation and Interpretation of IMPLAN’s Tax Impact Report     FILTERING: To filter by Direct, Indirect, and Induced taxes in IMPLAN, simply open the Filter window and click into the “Impact” Filter. This will provide you the option of “Direct”, “Indirect”, “Induced”. Making a selection and clicking “Run” will apply the filter and only show […]

Local Purchase Percentage (LPP) & Regional Purchasing Coefficients (RPC)

INTRODUCTION: Local Purchase Percentage (LPP) and Regional Purchasing Coefficients (RPC) are two of the most frequently misused and misunderstood fields in IMPLAN. This article describes what these concepts mean and when they should be changed from the default settings.   LPP IN INDUSTRY EVENTS: Local Purchasing Percentages (LPP) indicates to the software how much the […]